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Serious waste of time and money. Teachers were qualified, but overworked and exhausted.

Admin staff went out of their way to enroll you, then out of their way to avoid you if you had questions about policies, problems with enrollment or finances, or wanted something, such as a copy of grades, transcripts or anything else that makes them spend time or money. Career services would discriminate and only help their favorites find work - they refused to help older students, students who were parents, or ethnic students. Typically their (admin and career services) way of not helping was to never reply to emails, phone calls, and to make excuses if you went to their office. I can't number how many times I was left waiting (at times for over an hour) when I had something important that needed to be addressed.

Then, they'd readily let everyone else interrupt my conversation (again, their way of NOT helping). School refused to review out-of-state transcripts without enrolling you (illegal!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Florida College Of Natural Health Therapeutic Massage Program.

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